We provide specialist advice in the field of immigration including facilitating acquisition of Visas and residence in all categories such as study, work and business as well as permits and citizenship.

Investments Due Diligence and Assistance

We advise and guide investors on complying with local requirements for setting up business, obtaining licences, recruiting local personnel, drafting and reviewing contracts, accompanying clients to meetings and being part of the client’s legal team and support/supervision of staff/project teams/resources.

Nonprofit Management Consultancy

We advise local and international nonprofits on best form of registration and provide guidance and assistances in registration, setting up operations, obtaining licences and permits, registration for statutory obligations, advising on tax exemption and assistance in human resource and project management.

Corporate Governance, Risk and Compliance

We facilitate restructuring and effecting changes in companies, business model analysis, legal due diligence and advising on legal risk management. We also represent clients in regulatory bodies and assist in acquiring permits, licences and approvals.

Registrar Services

We serve as Kenyan registered offices and address of startups and international organizations that do not have physical offices in Kenya or that need a legal office to deal with correspondence and government communication.

Settlement and Resettlement Logistics

We assist clients with finding accommodation, advise on leases for their residential or commercial properties and assist in travel, accommodation and other logistics though a list of approved and vetted service providers or associated partner companies (tours & travel, hotels, movers, real estate managers, realtors and other consultants) providing specialized services to meet the clients’ needs.